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Technical Information

Frequency management products

NKG likes to introduce frequency management products, namely quartz crystal units. In the PDF below we introduce technical aspects on quartz crystals and their usage in the field.

Tuning fork crystal units

Tuning fork crystal units, also called watch crystals, are a specific form of flexure mode crystal units. Not only that their function and parameters deviate from other crystals, also the manufacturing technology is very different. You can find here an introduction for tuning fork crystal units.

Board Testing Instructions

Frequency deviations in oscillators

When using a crystal in the field it is possible to face a frequency deviation when the crystal is used in the oscillator circuit. Our downloadable presentation here is explaining the reasons and how to workout the correct load for the crystal to be used.

Oscillator parameters (-R & CM)

When a crystal units is used in an oscillator circuit one shall make sure that the oscillator has enough reserves to startup the oscillation under all conditions. These parameters called Negative Resistance and Circuit Margin need to be tested and calculated, how to do this is introduced in our downloadable presentation.