NKG offers SMD crystals in the smallest size 1.6×1.2 up to 7x5mm in 4 Pad and 2 Pad versions. Available in highly reliable seam seal packages and low-cost cement seal or glass seal packages (depending on size) with a wide frequency range in fundamental mode and 3rd overtone as well. All package types are available with ground lead (3rd lead) and customized lead length.

NKG offers various ceramic SMD packages ranging from 1.6×1.2 up to 5x7mm with wide frequency range from 1MHz up to 800MHz (depending on the model). Various output waveform are available such as: HCMOS / LVCMOS, PECL / LVPECL, LDVS, HCSL and CML.

NKG’s Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators (VCXO) products are available in a wide range of frequencies, many different voltages, and output options. Output logic configurations consist of HCMOS, LVDS, and LVPECL. VCXO can be supplied in Surface Mount Device (SMD) and thru hole packaging configurations.

NKG’s Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXO) are generally supplied for GPS, Wireless, Sonet, Fibre Channel, Wifi, Server, and Storage applications. These TCXO’s are continuously monitoring temperature and will adjust the output frequency to maintain tight stabilities. This allows TCXO’s to offer very stable clocking over the rated temperature range. TCXO products can be supplied in Surface Mount Device (SMD) and thru hole packaging configurations.

NKG’s Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators (OCXO) feature SMD packages are PCB-based in sizes of 14 x 9mm, 25 x 22mm and 26 x 26mm. Thru hole packages in DIP-14, 20 x 20mm, 25 x 25mm and 36 x 27mm available. Frequency from 5MHz to 100MHz for sinewave or HCMOS outputs. Units can be with additional frequency adjustment function and reference voltage output to set up the control function.

Various ceramic SMD packages ranging from 2.5×2.0 up to 5.0×7.0mm. PCB-based SMD packages from 5×7 to 9×14 and thru-hole DIP-14 package. Frequency range up to 60MHz for sine wave or HCMOS outputs. Tight stabilities down to stratum 3 level with overall stability <4.6 PPM.

NKG offers highly reliable ceramic SMD packages ranging from 1.2 x 1.0 mm up to 4.9 x 1.8 mm. Various plastic moulded packages in sizes from 6.8 x 1.4mm up to 10.4 x 4.1 mm. SMD tuning forks resonating at 32.768 kHz are ideal for wearable, drug delivery devices, and hearing aids. Wide temperature ranges are an option up to +125°C.

Ceramic resonators and filters being available in various SMD sizes (depending on frequency) and in the traditional thru-hole packages either resin encapsulated or in plastic housing.

NKG offers a wide selection of Monolithic Crystal Filter (MCF) and SAW devices (SAW Resonators and Filters) in various thru hole and surface mount (SMD) packages. The monolithic crystal filter offers the stability of a quartz device ideal for IF filtering. The monolithic design is both cost-effective and space-saving; ideal for today’s wireless and telecommunications applications.