Nakagawa Electronics Limited Product Lines Overview since 1984
Nakagawa Electronics Limited

Quartz Crystal Units in various SMD and thru-hole packages

Ceramic SMD package Crystal Units Metal Can AT- & BT-cut Crystal Units Tuning Fork Crystal Units (SMD & thru-hole) MCF and SAW devices

We offer a broad range of AT-cut crystal units in a wide frequency range starting from the smallest SMD package 1.6x1.2mm up to the mature and larger size package of 7x5mm.

Our product range covers all styles of commonly used metal can thru hole crystal units in a wide frequency range by utilizing AT-cut and BT-cut. Many of those are available in SMD formed version.

We offer tuning fork crystals (also called watch crystals) in small size ceramic SMD packages and in resin mold SMD packages.

Monolithic crystal filters (MCF) are available in common frequencies of 10.7MHz, 21.4MHz and 45.0MHz . We can offer these in 7x5 ceramic seam seal SMD package and in various metal can packages such as HC-49/U, HC-49/T, UM-1 and UM-5. These filters are available as 2-pole, 4, 6 and 8-pole types.

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filters and resonators are available in various SMD and thru-hole package sizes. Ranging from 100Mhz up to 3.5GHz these products are available for a wide range of wireless, telecom and GPS applications.

Quartz Crystal based Oscillator Units in various SMD and thru-hole packages

Clock Oscillator Units (SMD & thru-hole)
Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator
TCXO -- Temperature Compensated
Crystal Oscillator
VCTCXO -- Voltage Controlled
Temperature Compensated Crystal Osc.

Our large range of oscillators in smallest sizes of ceramic seam seal SMD are ranging from 2.0x1.6mm up to 7x5mm, All common thru-hole packages in DIP type and other PCB based SMD packages are available as well. The oscillators can be made for output waveforms compliant to HCMOS, PECL, LVDS, HCSL and Sine wave output definitions. Recently added were Spread Spectrum oscillators used for EMI reduction, these are having HCMOS output waveform.

All common supply voltages but also unique designs ranging from 1.5 to 5.0 Volts can be made. The frequency range is covering the RTC clock frequency of 32.768kHz and wide ranges of 1 to 150MHz in fundamental and overtone designs while higher frequencies of up to 800MHz are designed by utilizing with PLL circuits .

The VCXO's units in various SMD and thru hole packages are available in all output waveform types can range up to 700MHz and can be designed with different frequency pulling.

Our TCXO's in either small SMD ceramic packages or any common thru-hole package achieve tight stabilities down to Stratum 3 level, available in output waveforms HCMOS or Clipped Sine Wave.

The small size ceramic package VCTCXO's with it's low power consumption are used widely in portable applications for wireless and GPS. A broad range of common frequencies is available.

OCXO in SMD and THD packages

Piezo Ceramic products

Dielectric Ceramic products

Other products

Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator Ceramic Resonators and Ceramic Filters Resonators, Filters, Duplexers and Traps Ceramic based products

Highly sophisticated OCXOs with tight stability are using SC-cut crystals while low cost alternatives are made by utilizing AT-cut crystal units. Both are available in SMD and thru-hole packages.

A broad range of ceramic resonators and filters can be offered in various SMD and thru-hole packages covering the MHz frequency range.

Based on dielectric ceramics can we offer a wide range of frequency control products.
All these products being LEAD-FREE and be fully RoHS compliant.
These products cover:

  • Dielectric Resonators
  • Dielectric Filters
  • Dielectric Duplexers
  • Ceramic discriminators
  • Ceramic Traps

In order to offer ONE-STOP shopping to our customers we offer several other products.These products are all based on ceramic material as it is widely used for electronic components.

  • Patch antennas (GPS)
  • Power inductors
  • Transducers for liquid media sensors
  • Transducers for gas media sensors