Nakagawa Electronics Limited Legal Disclaimer since 1984
Nakagawa Electronics Limited

禮1 Liability for website contents

NAKAGAWA ELECTRONICS LIMITED (further NKG) has been preparing this website and related linked documents for the purpose of offering products to customers. The contents have been prepared to best of our knowledge, however mistakes, errors and failures cannot be entirely avoided. NKG is not signing responsible for damages or losses caused by such mistakes, errors or failures, it is the users responsibility to verify the given information before making use of it. The contents of our website and linked documentation NKG may correct, update or change without notices. To stay updated the user may visit our site more frequent.

禮2 Liability for links

NKGs website or linked documents may containing links to websites of third parties. The purpose of such links is to provide complete business related information or to link to our partners we work with. For the contents of third party websites is the owner or operator of this website liable. At the time we linked to these pages NKG has checked the contents and did not find any illegal contents or activities driven with that website that could lead into illegal activities, criminal acts, discrimination or any kind or terroristic activities. NKG is not able to permanently control the third party websites for its contents, but as soon as infringements become known to us we will remove related links.

禮3 Copyrights

The copyrights for the website contents and linked documents belong to NAKAGAWA ELECTRONICS LIMITED. If company or brand names of other owners being used on the website or linked documents the copyrights belong to the respective owner of these names. Website contents or linked documents can be downloaded and used for the users own business but shall not be forwarded to third parties or published by the user in other means unless NKG issued authorization for this.

禮4 Data protection

The usage of our website does not require to submit personal or business information, it can be used anonymously. If you are using our contact form or any E-mail address we provide on our website, be aware that the personal or business related information that you forward to us, you are providing on your own free will. Personal or business related data that NKG may receive will be treated confidential and not be forwarded to third parties without the confirmation of the owner of the information. During the transportation of such information via the public Internet, NKG is not in control and cannot guaranty save transmission of data. Since there are known security holes NKG cannot avoid fraud by third parties.

禮5 Illegal activities

NKG does not allow any illegal activity to be done by using our website, website contents, linked documentation, our company name or our logo. Such illegal activities that lead into criminal acts, discrimination or any kind or terroristic activities do also include advertisement and generation of spam mails by third parties. If a third party is discovered to be using our properties for such activities or forwarding same to other parties we may have linked to on our website, NKG reserves the right to take legal action against that party.